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"For over 50 years Vertikote Corp has been a leading applicator of powder coating finishes and has been at the forefront of continuous improvement measures in the pursuit of quality. In 2008, Vertikote made the decision to implement the Qualicoat quality management system and immediately set about fulfilling all requirements. After an intensive period of testing and auditing Vertikote became an authorized Qualicoat powder coater and has now received its official Qualicoat Licence Number No: 2111 that confirms its major powder coating facility located at Chipping Norton in Sydney NSW has met or exceeded the minimum specifications and performance requirements to be an approved applicator.  Qualicoat is the Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing (AISF) highest quality recognition for application of paint and powder coatings on aluminium substrates for architectural applications. It is only achieved after passing two consecutive and intensive inspections by an independent testing authority that scrutinizes compliance with all aspects of the operations including pre-treatments, on site laboratory, monitoring and testing equipment, production processes, testing, inspections and quality assurance.

Vertikote’s customers can be assured this endorsement reflects that all its processes and coating are in accordance with Qualicoat’s internationally recognized quality system, meet the specifications of Australian Standards including AS3715 and ensures the highest possible quality of powder coating finishes.

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Vertikote Corp. Pty Ltd is a licensed applicator of various powders, liquid paints and polymers. These products are sourced directly from major paint suppliers. Accordingly, these suppliers have within their license agreement, specific quality procedures, which are imposed upon our company as part of that license.

Our quality procedures as in methodology are well defined within our company. Therefore, test and quality control procedures are exact specifications as laid down by the paint suppliers. Our on site laboratory has been set up to provide all necessary performance tests under these license agreements including full test specifications.

Quality Control Reports are completed and test panels are painted during each production run. These reports and test samples are provided to the paint manufacturer for analysis/testing in order for them to issue their warranty. A copy of the Quality Control Report and Test Panel is also provided to our client.

Vertikote is the innovator and industry leader in, the development of processing machinery to effect the most efficient production proccess and offers and highest quality available to the client and end user.

Our company is also supported heavily by high quality suppliers, who in their own right insist on both quality assurance within their own plants and supplied to us as licensees.

Their ongoing commitment to Research and Development ensures both the upgrading of existing products and development of new products.

Vertikote undertakes its internal quality control process using sophisticated test equipment operated by qualified technicians to verify the state of the material with respect to the project specifications. Quality control tests are performed both on materials entering and leaving the plant assuring the products always maintain a high standard.

Total Quality Assurance procedures are based on ISO9000 across all company operations from receiving through to dispatching.

Vertikote strives to be the leader in quality, product and plant development throughout Australia


[ To view our Qualicoat Licence, click here ]


Vertikote is a proud member of Qualicoat, the only independent licensing authority for powder coating in Australia. The Qualicoat audit system essentially verifies the entire powder coating process, from the powder to its application. It has been operating for over 20 years and has been adopted in 39 countries, so applies to local and imported aluminium.

Vertikote is in the process of gaining Qualicoat approval, giving architects, builders, designers, fabricators, etc. further assurance that our powder coatings comply with all relevant Australian and International standards.

quality assurance

Through the Qualicoat system, independent inspectors perform two random audits every year at our powder coating plants, ensuring we comply with Australian and International Standards at all times



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