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Field Repairs for Paints and Powder Coating

There are various products that can be used for touching up of painted and powder coated finishes. Pacesetter® UT100 is a two pack polyurethane using durable pigment ideal for repairing small scratches or large areas. There is no single touch up procedure for all possible situations. Any time the affected surface exposes bare metal you must assume pre-treatment in that area no longer exists. Work should be carried out by competent applicators experienced in touch up work.

A: Repainting of Factory Coated Surfaces Free of Corrosion
  • To ensure good adhesion to the pre-painted surface the painted item must be roughened by a suitable abrasive to the extent the surface appears as a flat finish. It should appear absolutely smooth so that any breaks between the finish and the primer is feathered. (Use sand paper lightly and progressively).
  • The item can be brush cleaned without washing the panels or tack ragged. If however the item is heavily soiled, these areas should be washed with a detergent solution and water rinsed several times before wiping with a brush or a clean lintless cloth.
  • For small scratches or scuffs, sand the area on both sides of the scratch and apply the coating with an artist's brush.
  • For major repair, it is best to do the whole panel rather than a corner or isolated area. It is recommended that several thin coats be applied than one or two heavy applications.
B: Repairing Bare Metal and Corroded Areas Cleaned to Bare Metal
  • Remove moisture and soluble oils by washing with a detergent solution then several clean water rinses.
  • Dry and solvent wash areas to be painted with mineral turps to remove oils and forming lubricants.
  • All oxidized areas can be either sandblasted using fine grit sand or chemically cleaned to produce a clean bright surface.
  • Apply a two pack epoxy primer filler following instructions supplied by the manufacturer. There is a limited pot life with two pack products. The primer can be re-coated with itself or other material between 2 to 24 hours dependant upon ambient temperature and conditions. Re-coating sensitivity exists.
  • Finish with two pack acrylic urethane such as Pacesetter® UT100 especially developed for coating baked finishes. It must be applied to the manufacturers instructions as it is limited for spraying with selected solvents.




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