The Anti-corrosion treatment for air cooled condensors

Acid rain, a saline environment and all other types of pollution have a destructive effect on many HVAC systems. Such aggressive environments cause corrosion and corrosion in turn leads to a reduced life of materials, a decreasing capacity, higher energy consumption and accelerated replacements of expensive systems. Coilguard® anti-corrosion treatment effectively protects the air-cooled condensers and other heat exchangers of all air-conditioning systems.

Advanced anti-corrosion technology

Coilguard® anti-corrosion treatment for heat exchangers was specifically developed in conjunction with Dulux® to offer outstanding protection. Coilguard® anti-corrosion treatment results in the capacity of air-conditioning systems being maintained thereby lowering energy costs and extending equipment life. It also leads to fewer harms to the environment.

Analysis of the requirement

Coilguard® offers various types of anti-corrosion treatment. The choice depends on your environment and your operation. Our consultants and our laboratory can be of assistance in selecting the right type of treatment.

Tender specification Scope

Condenser/evaporating fins shall be of an aluminum construction with a protective coating applied after construction of the coil to achieve a total coverage. The coating should not have a limitation on the number of rows and fin density, nor shall the coating block the possible fin perforations. Coating shall be repairable and is maintainable at site. A metallic pigment should establish heat conduction.

Coating characteristics

Due to the specialized nature of the corrosion protection system, it is essential that only a qualified applicator is contracted for this application. Coating should have no limitation on the number of rows and fin density. The entire unit shall be prepared in order to obtain access to the finned coils. Wiring and sensitive electrical components shall be shielded during the cleaning and coating process.

The most critical areas, which have to be coated, are the heat exchangers surfaces (finned coils).






anti corrosion for air cooled condensors


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