Pacesetter® PVF2: Flurocarbon

This product offers long life exterior protection for aluminium surfaces. It is extremely fade resistant and is available in a wide range of colours. Flurocarbon -PVF2 exceeds the performance of polyester powder coatings and anodizing. It is virtually unaffected by high levels of UV light and can withstand the most demanding of environments.

Kynar 500 Flurocarbon, developed by Pennwalt Corporation of USA, is contained in the composition of Flurocarbon -PVF2 and enables it to achieve these criteria. It is an inert and non-volatile resin which does not affect the ozone layer. It is not to be confused with CFC gases used in some aerosols and refrigeration.

Some of the advantages of Flurocarbon -PVF2 are :
  • high colour stability, allowing colour matching years later
  • high resistance to salt atmosphere and airborne pollution
  • high resistance to acids
  • freedom from the pitting which helps reduce dirt build-up
  • easier cleaning and maintenance
  • better colour matching
  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Available in solid & metallic shades



long life exterior protection for aluminium surfaces



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