Pacesetter® FBP:
Fusion Bonded Polyester Coating

Pacesetter® is the result of the latest research and development into the fusion bonded polyester coating. It is applied by Vertikote using the most advanced production equipment and methods.

It is the ideal coating for almost any metal surface requiring long term coating. Vertikote's unique method of application offers many advantages over conventional methods. Protection for interior or exterior aluminium; steel or galvanized iron surfaces.

Pacesetter® has been specifically developed as an attractive full gloss coating for aluminium extrusions or sheets, galvanized iron and steel surfaces. Manufactured from Australian raw materials, producing consistent colour and gloss levels.

Vertikote Pacesetter® Process
1. Metal surfaces are cleaned and primed utilizing a multi-stage chromate conversion pre-treatment system. This meticulous surface preparation is essential to ensure durability and long term metal protection.
2. The metal is then coated with Pacesetter® using either electrostatic or conventional spray gun, which controls the dry film thickness preventing excessive edge build up that could lead to edge chipping and subsequent corrosion.
3. Vertikote then fusion bonds the coating in a convection oven at high temperatures to achieve the best combination of film properties.
4. Proven quality controls ensures a consistant quality and product uniformity.



fusion bonded polyester coating

coating for metal surface requiring long term coating

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